Saturday, 22 December 2007

The Monster Battle on the roof of Rumahsusun Ceria..Gerhhh..

the roof..the dark sky..the wind..the birds..the the gede **upsss..**..great time with demn and stechcil..hehehehe..the black and tropicana was end..ughhh..irit..irit..irittt...

Mole x Demn
the monster battle

tempell..tempell.. comment

Jakarta Street Art 2007..

ughhh..the rainy day make me not in my mood..but the event was so was about 150 artist joined this big event..hohohohoh.."stop global warming" was my theme..but aerosol is the one of the global warming suport stuff..huahahahaha..

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Bandung in Action..

last day in bandung and I didn't have enough I just made this fucking throw up

ow..secret spot at Surya Sumantri..It was a great day and the first time for me painting in bandung..but not every one in the world love what we were doing..such us the security of the building, he was watching in us and ready to stop us..hahahaha..Demn and I were just waiting and waiting..damn he was still watching in us..huhhh..what the f**king bad day..after several minutes we try to look at another side of the building..awww...there was a very nice wall..the security couldn't see us..hohoho..finaly we can finish our work..hahaha..

the hall wall with wormy demn


at cipinang ruint was a fun day with demn and our brother mike..heheheh..he didn't do anything just take some picture and go around the spot..hahaha..take it easy the future U will do some pic with us..and at that time we will shake the city okey..

Mole ft. Demn at

Wika.. comment for this stuff..that was the first time for me painting on the wall..hohohho..the wind was so strongg....upsss..did this stuff without caps..arrggghhh...

first time with demn and first time for demn in the wall too..